English version of all error messages you can encounter while programming
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This website contains all english and non-english versions of all error messages you will encounter while programming.

It's available freely and all error messages in all languages are indexed in Google and other search engines. It has been developped by dotmedias, which is an online marketing firm developping multiple websites.

How it works ?

All error messages, localized and in english, are indexed in Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, etc. When searching for a localized error, the search engine finds the error on our website where you can find the english version. Then, you simply click on the english version to be redirected to the search engine of your choice.

How did you achieved that ?

We took all the assemblies of the .Net Framework and third parties that are built on the .Net framework, we disassembled them using advanced reflection, and then we matched all errors using a private algorithm. Then, we sorted everything, cleaned up messy error messages, and then imported everything in a clean, multi-lingual database.

For Windows errors, it was a little more complicated because we couldn't disassemble it. We had a lot of advanced website scraping to find multiple sources for error messages.

Because we know it's very anoying to get localized error messages and not being able to find answers with them, we keep searching new asemblies to cover. If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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