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來自網域 %2 的帳戶 %1 正嘗試使用目標用戶端 %3 的 S4USelf,但不允許在這個用戶端使用者物件上執行群組擴充。可能需要調整目標用戶端的使用者物件上 TokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal 屬性的 ACL,才能讓 S4USelf 正確運作。也可以將 %1 新增到 Windows 授權存取群組完成這個操作。

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The account %1 from domain %2 is attempting to use S4USelf for the target client %3, but is not allowed to perform group expansion on this client's user object. It may be necessary to adjust the ACL on the TokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal attribute on the target client's user object to allow S4USelf to function correctly. This can also be accomplished by adding %1 to the Windows Authorization Access Group.

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