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略过对数据库 '%1' 的恢复,因为它已标记为无法访问的、用于数据库镜像的数据库。镜像会话有问题。该会话或是缺少仲裁,或是通信链接因链接、端点配置或(服务器帐户或安全证书的)权限等存在问题而断开。若要获取数据库的访问权限,请检查会话配置中做了哪项更改,并撤消此项更改。

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Bypassing recovery for database '%1' because it is marked as an inaccessible database mirroring database. A problem exists with the mirroring session. The session either lacks a quorum or the communications links are broken because of problems with links, endpoint configuration, or permissions (for the server account or security certificate). To gain access to the database, figure out what has changed in the session configuration and undo the change.

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